Irish Open Fantasy 6. July 2017

There’s a biggie coming up. Part of the already Ic*!@c Rolex series (thanks monty). Lets hope theres more spectators than in france last week or Pelley will haver to rethink his masterplan – or at least get some new glasses and stop buying second hand clothes from the jumble sale at the church next to philipp seymore hoffmanns old residence. what a pair they would make. luckily one of them is already dead. And PSH will surely follow.

So who to pick for this weeks team?

Out of form Rory with quasi-new clubs in his own tournament where he won last year. Could be good or could be a waste of one sixth of your team. Mirage or taboo – which one are you?

Rosey – nice to see you, to see you nice! Thanks for coming to europe Rosey – quick reality check – normal people, normal weather and normal golf. Can you win? do you want to win? big questions – or did you just get a massive apperance fee? Banter aside – hard not to pick him.

Westy – go west my friend and find gold. Didn’t do to bad last week. fell apart a bit as ever. top 20 maybe.

Victor Dubious – must be a favourite. Yeah right. Better you than me buddy.

JR – welcome to Ireland. Power play. Well warmed up after last week. He’s a must.

Patrick Fits Matthew – pull your socks up sunshine, we’re all relying on you.

Im not going to go through the whole list but heres a few which may surprise – positively as well as negatively!

SSP Chawrasia – don’t underestimate him. But dont overestimate him either. Between him and rory who’s it gonna be??

The Flat Bill Boys – RCBello and Thunderbear Oleson – definitely interesting but RCB does have issues winning.

Mr Uihlein – a one hit wonder? could be.

Home Grown Talent – Richard-very-Bland & Graeme Storm. Very capable players who don’t need to be shy in front of the jet setters.

Fatboy Lowry – don’t make me laugh. He’s still knackered from last years US Open at Oakmont. Stop eating cake and get to the gym boyo.

Judge Dredge – I like the man from the valleys. Solid mature player. Can he win? I don’t know. Big up the Judge.

BEEF – it would be wonderful. Absolutely wicked if he wins. He could do it – just not this year.

The Spaniards (excluding JR) – one of them will be in the top 10. But which one? Ive no idea.

The Boers – same as the spaniards. Hopefully Brandon Stone ‘cos I do love his swing.

Gimme you ideas fellow Angries.

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