Footballers Playing Golf: England vs Rest of the World

I pity myself for somehow having my tv on when this drivel sneaked its way into my living room.

But its golf and anything golf gets my attention.

A mass of expletives from beginning to end – yes the “I” word was in big use. In fact it even appears in the title and a meanlingless coat of arms logo type thing. I-this, I-that. STOP IT!!! Its meaningless.

Belfry looked nice, and they were playing some good golf. Darren C & Lee W were good for a laugh, but Jimmy Bullard – Oh dear. oh no. Why is there no emoticon for serious puking to represent the diseased feeling I get when this nobody appears on my tv and opens his mouth. What an unpleasant loudmouth. Get him off the telly.

I don’t even know how it ended. I just couldnt watch it to the end without wretching every time that JB was on screen – which was way too much.


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