The 146th Open Championship at Royal Birkdale – day two

This is not going to plan!!! At this very moment old-reliable Richard Bland is leading.

And justin thomas cannot get his ball out of the thick rough – welcome to europe american PGA golfers!

I betted against Rory and I think I lost 🙁 At last Rory planted like Rory. Ive no idea what he had for breakfast this morning but it certainly worked. Everything was there including the cocky swagger of a winner.

Poulters’ form appears to be real – not just an illusion for 1 or 2 rounds. He could be threatening on sunday.

But the open is still very open.

They are bunching up in the middle with not a lot of shots separating the leaders and the pack. Its anyones game.

And the rain has started. And the wind continues.

Why don’t more players use rain gloves in the rain. As soon as the rain comes I have them on both hands – perfect grip. The TV commentators appear to be oblivious to them. Fairweather golfers need not apply.

I am very excited about the next 2 days…..

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